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A trip from one to bike around the world, it is not getting ready in two minutes. Lots of things to think about! Small summary of our preparations for the last months...

Choose a departure date

Initially, it was expected to leave by April 2015; It therefore reflected quietly in this trip. And then one night in the beginning of the month of may, it became full of things account sticking better if it started... in September, we had while 4 months! Go zou, we are asking availability for one, and resignation for the other (about one fifth of the whose resignation for their trip - go according to) Things a bit rushed, especially that at the same time we had to finish to hold our wedding; but no matter: we were going to be ready by September! We first started by...


Go to the of Air France International vaccinations Center (next to les Invalides, Paris). In the program:

  • Hepatitis A (for Thomas, as already done for Estelle in 2006): 1 injection - 45 euros (provide a second injection to return to be vaccinated for life)
  • Typhoid - 1 injection - 50 EUR
  • Rage - 3 injections - 45 euros each (ouch!)
  • Japanese encephalitis - 2 injections - 97 euros each (ouch!)

At the centre of vaccinations, they were very friendly, efficient, and good advice. It shows that they are used to support the people who make the world tours! This is how we are followed, we two, with 800 euros in the shoulders. Ouch!

In addition to this, there must be anti-malarial treatments for 3 months in Asia. Fortunately, the centre of vaccinations advised us to take doxycycline as a long-term treatment, to get less painful belly... and the wallet! And then it must also provide the Kit. You will find with the stuff that we take.


It took to learn a bit about the country: things to see, to know, and above all, the conditions for obtaining visas. For visas, this is what we can tell you:

  • Of France to the Turkeyno need for visa. Only a valid passport more than 6 months after the entry into the country
  • ThailandIt is the same for a stay of less than 30 days, if you enter the territory by air.
  • Cambodia : visa to the border post, 1500 bath (€37) - valid 30 days (the prices have changed in October 2014)
  • Laos : visa to the border post - $ 30 - valid 30 days. Customs officers have the annoying habit of asking for baksheesh, $ 1 per, $ 2 there. How to not pay? First of all, make sure you have the stomach filled at the time of crossing the border, because it can take a while and it will help you keep your calm. Then, you have to be patient: stay ahead of the counter (it annoys the others to pass and thus the Customs to receive the following integral), request an invoice ("no receipt, no money!"), and not to yield. Explain that you have all of your time. It will eventually give up. On the other hand, does not yell victory too soon: between Cambodia and Laos, you go to two wickets; Repeat the same story every time.
  • Viet Nam : we have in Phnom Penh (Cambodia - January 2015) - it costs $ 60. Should be given an effective date and is valid 30 days from this date. We did it at the Agency Capitol (which is also a restaurant) on the square of O'Russey Market, between 111 and 113; It takes 4 business days and it's the same price to go to the Embassy.
  • China : made in Hanoi in March 2015. We followed This very good description (it has added some comments at the bottom of their page) and everything went very well. In 4 days, it was done! No need to go through an agency. Cost of the visa: $ 30.
  • The Chinese visa renewal : occurs in the PSB (Police Security Bureau) in the cities who are heads of counties. The conditions can be very different depending on the location. A Kangding : flee! They ask the hotels have recorded us at least 3 or 4 times to the police station while most hotels do not. They clearly put us sticks in the wheels for the renewal; perhaps is it due to its proximity to Tibet? We spent a day at tearing hair so if you can avoid the same boat... we share!
    A Chengdu : initially it takes at least 5 working days, so with the weekend, it becomes quickly long...
    At Leshan : much easier! A page that explains everything: Made for us in 48 h (April 2015) - cost: 160 yen (approx € 25)
  • Mongolia He had not taken us a visa for Mongolia in May 2015. Indeed, on 9 July 2014 to 1 January 2016, it was no longer necessary to apply for a visa for the French, for a stay of less 30 days ... Unfortunately, backward, we must again have a visa to enter Mongolia! ...
  • Russia : to Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Everyone assured us that make the application yourself was very complicated and did not have. We therefore have to do by the Agency Legend Tour : in the end, it was within 12 working days (could safely go strolling in Mongolia during this time) for the sum of € 126,50 each (Yes, it stings!). Need 1 photo, certificate of insurance and a form to fill out on the spot. The visa is valid 30 days.
  • For the following countries is the Schengen area; so more stress for visas! Phew!


We had already scouted a little the stuff we wanted, but we had to deepen our research and engage in procurement. Vieux campeur vendors have been a great help also in the choices that we had to do. See the page dedicated to our super matos !

The Bank

Traditional banks are still very expensive for a trip like ours: cost of withdrawals, credit card, etc., it is not given all that! We followed the advice of the site"". This site, created by and for round the world champions (yes, that's a real word!), Seem to have studied the issue. We have therefore agreed with Boursorama, and our years of travel, no worries - they instantly prevent SMS as soon as a speed of more than 200 € is detected, I like. If you attempt Boursorama do we sign, we can sponsor you ! Chez Fortuneo j’ai eu un conseiller au téléphone qui m’a clairement dit qu’ils ne voulaient pas de tourdumondistes (!) “Ok, ben je vais aller chez Boursorama alors !” “Bonne journée.” ! Et puis nous avons quand même gardé notre compte à la BNP (pour assurer les arrières en cas de problème avec cette carte bleue), qui a bien voulu nous faire une bonne réduction sur les frais de compte pour cette année à l’étranger où nous n’allions que très peu utiliser la carte.

Insurance around the world

Adventurer, Yes, but not head-burned so far. We must think to ensure her behind too, you never know! Yet again, we relied on the opinion of the site"“. There we also appeared helpful. After a study of the different benefits of insurance companies, we chose Chapka. The few times where we have need, we had no worries: after you open the file by phone or mail, we took a picture of the care bill, were sent to them, and it was repaid in less than a week!


By my side (Estelle), my B-twin, faithful companion to go every day to work, might too suffer and was too heavy for such a trip. So I decided to give a second life to a bike dedicated to cycling. I found used a specialized bicycle whose frame is a brand "Surly": the "Long Haul Trucker". This brand is really deemed for the trip going. It has everything already, it just took me give it a good clean and replace a few parts to make it ready for the trip. On the side of Thomas: he already had a good mountain bike, it took just improve it.

What are the elements that we believe are essential on a bike for a trip to the long course?

  • solid and easily-replaceable components, avoid plastic in transmissions
  • tires SCHWALBE Marathonknown for their longevity.
  • handlebar butterfly to change position regularly, with Bell and mirror
  • a Brooks saddle: tested and approved! It is necessary to think regularly greasing: with the grease provided or grease for shoes, it does very well case (and it is easy to find all over the world). And gradually tighten the screw below: Thomas had not quite done, and after 15000km, the screw is broken; obliged to recommend one over the internet as impossible to find in stores, even in Germany.
  • good rack, with front and rear panniers, but also one to the handlebar.
  • a solid stand, because they weigh their weight, our companions!

Then, on my bike with a hub dynamo, Thomas has installed a USB converterin order to charge phone, frontal lamp, reading lamp,... while pedaling! Clever, no?


We have a partnership with a primary school. The teacher of a class will support us with his pupils, and integrate our trip in their program of the year. We have created a category on the blog which lists any visits to schools around the world in our year; and doing so discover the french students to examples of school to another end of the world.

.. .the cartons

Okay, now that the most important is done... you have to empty the apartment think '. After retrieving boxes right - left, we stored our business. Need to well organize the cartons and especially above note what there is inside: we will reopen in more than a year (the time of return, to find job and ask in a city, and all reopen)!