They inspired us, they made us dream, they helped us. They are still on the roads or have already returned. Here is some links that hold us dear!

Our cycling friends:

  • Not so far : we met Kris and Amélie in Riga. They are somewhat the same journey we... but in the other direction! Back in June 2016.
  • The cyclomigrateurs : around the world in recumbent bike. They impress us a little sometimes! Following a few worries, they are paused for the moment, but are back on the road quickly.
  • Gatebourse : the blog of Daniel and Jeanine Bousseau, cyclos retreats with who could ride a few days in Laos. Returned from Asia in April 2015... but they leave on the roads of Central America early 2016!
  • A small bike in the head : a very nice family met at the grecquo-Turkish border. We had the chance to ride a few days with them and they became friends. This beautiful team drove 11 months around the world with their 2 children.
  • Patches released : a day in the Park of the temples of Angkor, we see two bikes of cyclos and leaves them a Word; the contact was done! It then rolled 15 days with them in China. Returned in August 2015.
  • Two Britons at bike : it has never failed to roll together, but we managed to share a few moments with them around the world. Returned in August 2015.
  • James vs World : we met James, this London English scout, in the mountains of Laos. "It has shared 3 days of road, and"the big hill"the mountain the hardest we've ever had to cross (1200 m difference in altitude on 10kms)." Well guys, this James!
  • In tandem for the father : a cyclo-philosophico-religious adventure of our two compatriots met on the Turkish road. Returned in June 2015.
  • Garthsontour: our first "Warmshowers" US. We can say that they were quite inspired!
  • Solidream : three to five mates (including one of Millau), a little crazy, very adventurous and sport. An explosive cocktail, and superb images made for three years around the world. They have released a film and a book of this adventure.
  • Going Slowly : a great trip, great images, a couple a little geek (the site is too well) who is constructing his house in solo. And return, the edition of superb Cookbook by bike, Bike Camp Cook ! (available in PDF, convenient to take to the other side of the world on the reading lamp!)
bike camp cook

Were tested: the recipes are very good!

  • Traveling by bike is not so complicated (or dangerous): some do it with children: The Asiemutes bike or The Faurefive (trips made in 2013).
    There is also 4 ways to bike : they have toured Asian routes in 2015 after South America late 2014. Returned in June 2015
  • Planete.dwhich is a beautiful DVD of their round the world...
  • Drinkle : created in Paris facebook group to bring together the cyclists around a drink. Beautiful dating)wheelbeback, spadiness)!

General sites:

  • : The Cyclo Camping International association. They are the creators of the excellent Manual of the bike trip. Organize a festival of travel by bicycle every year in January, and various meetings during the year. Their forum is also very often useful.
  • (previously Trip around the world): Site on the trip around the world in general. And everything a well-stocked section on the bike trip.
  • About cycling : a passionate Australian couple of bike that not give evil general tips and info on the gear. Their videos are nice (attention to their jingle, it fits easily in the head!)
  • Powerfully of freedom : much good advice and beautiful experiences, a well done super site!
  • Cyclo-hiking : site d’achat de matériel de cyclotourisme, très bien documenté. Julien, le boss, est toujours prêt à conseiller et le service est top. Du coup on est de bons clients, et quand on aime, on partage 🙂
  • Expemag and his superb "Books of Adventures" magazine, which we have a few copies, gives full of very good info. The theme? Roving sports travel, without motor way (on foot, by bike, kayak, canoe, ski, climbing, paragliding, horseback riding, etc.), in nature and with bivouac.
  • Treasures of the world : general site which makes travel! His credo: a superb photo gallery per day to present a new destination.
  • Travel Tv : Facebook page made by travellers, for travellers!


Blogging is really good, but paper still retains its charm.

Here is some reading that we recommend.

The very first book that we read. Very nice experience.


  • Solidreamthe book, by Brian Mathe, Morgan Monchaud and Siphay Vera

It preceded the release of their film (end of 2014): narrative in writing and in pictures of their 3-year adventure.


The last that we were reading before leaving. A format books (a book by country), very nice.


EVERYTHING you need to know to make bicycle touring around the world.


A super little guide of "conversation" when one does not speak the same language as his interlocutors. One more time... Thank you The backpacker ! It is well worth the trip! I won't say not essential... but almost!