In the program, the islands of Korcula (it was really superb) and Montenegro. People are really friendly and Nice in Montenegro!

... all means are good for travel. But we still prefer on the bike! After leaving Ancona, the city to the different facets (neighborhoods of port and cosmopolitan station, the historic old town, and the very "trendy" modern Center), therefore found gently Croatia.

On the menu this week, we move from Italy to the early cities of Croatia. After a small tour of Zadar in Split is moved to the island of Korcula. It's just more and more beautiful!

Okay, the valet parking was not there, but the intention is not? PS: it was at the Casino Barrière de Cannes, it's worth double the points not?

First test: ok, it has a little cheated! Okay, it is not specified the form of the - ice said. I let judge to the higher authorities (ladies and gentlemen, if you can discuss in a box around an Octopus, I can make myself available), but I think that the challenge is up! See photos: second time: quite natural ice! At 1000 m of altitude, the night, it is cold. At 9 pm, there was frost on the tent; and in the morning at the...

Ca couffe* ! C’est le moins qu’on puisse dire de cette spécialité niçoise 🙂 C’est évidemment excellent, et pour les cyclos que nous sommes, il fallait bien ça + une petite bière pour nous remplir la panse. Excellente adresse par ailleurs. Ca couffe = tu peux rien manger après

UNA pizza molto buona! On the advice of an Italian met on the street (and which led us to the pizzeria) we taste the best pizza - ever - that we have eaten. A four beautiful seasons (recommended by the boss) and a calzone for Estelle. I saliva still... A gelato straordinario! €3 invested more profitably that is! The mega ice death which kills with 4 flavours home-made a cornet to fall to the ground.

Comme cadeau de départ de mon ancien boulot chez PSA Peugeot-Citroën, mes collègues ont eu la gentillesse de me donner une liste de choses à faire 🙂 Comme au boulot, mais pour le coup, en beauuuucoup plus sympa. On doit obligatoirement faire les lignes suivies d’une astérisque (*). Voyez par vous même (ou allez voir directement les choses déjà faites) :

Bon, d’abord, la Yougoslavie, ça n’existe plus ! Mais en tout cas, promis, en Croatie et au Monténégro, on ne s’est pas perdus.

Small summary in figures... - 1500 kms travelled by bike - bike 23 days and 5 days of rest - 3 countries: the France, Monaco and Italy - 1 alert weather wind and 1 day of rain (the rest: the Sun!) - 3 campsites and 2 hosts warmshowers - 0 puncture! 1 good regeneration of cycling (to the baby wipe, it works too well! Thanks Dave for the tip!) -4 tank fillings (of our stove) - all full of animals...

This week in brief: we crossed the Italy West to East, saw the magnificent Tuscan, is our first crisis of nerves.

Italia! From Pisa to the crossing of Appennino we are on the edge of the Adriatic Sea... Little contest: who will arrive to find the two animals that lurk behind the closing credits?

New video! Here is a small montage of our first 1000 km through france and the Italy. Feel free to share video!

A little more than a year ago, we pédalions on a Roman road, the via Claudia Augusta, and Thomas asked me in marriage. For our honeymoon early, we are again on an old Roman road: via Aurelia.

Italia! Our first rounds of wheels in the land of pizza and gellaterias, where ice cream 4 scoops too good a cornet waffles made House is €3, a real scandal. I chose 10 seconds of video per day captured from my bike to represent you our daily lives of nomadic... Feel free to comment!