Here we are, back in sedentary life, normal life – I don't like to say “real life” as we sometimes hear it, because for once, we were confronted with the reality of our planet, during our trip…

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“So, was it good?”

We have had this question often since our return.

“Well… uh… No?” we are tempted to respond ironically. Of course, the experience we had this year was exceptional; but it is so hard to summarize in a few words! Sometimes so hard to share with people...

In short, we will still try to answer this question “so, was it good?” ; because we know she’s close to your heart!

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Dernier épisode des 10 secondes par jour !
Thank you everyone for following us this year in this little video series which I hope has fulfilled its mission: to give an overview of what life on a bike can be like for a year around the world.
I of course remain fond of all your reactions, now more than ever! I am preparing a host of surprises for you, and your comments will influence me on the choices I am making, so go ahead with your heart!
Merci !

First week in France: The Meuse is empty, it's a bit depressing, and the after-effects of crossing the border undermine my morale... Fortunately, the Champagne vines are looming on the horizon! We meet friends in the Paris region who will ride with us to the outskirts of Paris, the same ones who accompanied us the first week, I named Erwann and Géraldine!
— And because I know you like it, I stuck some cows as a BONUS!

That's it, we're crossing the border for real! The moment is not easy, but we are returning to France. After 12 months of being used to only speaking French among ourselves, the change is harsh. At McDonald’s: “Hello, where can I… uh, do you have wall sockets to recharge the computer?” Fashion limitless lexicon - I no longer search for my words activated!!!