First outing with all the gear

Time passes too quickly! We barely finished our appreciation of marriage that cartons are beginning to gather in the apartment, and that back and forth au vieux campeur multiply. We barely found time to write you a little.

Gear, it tested!

Okay, you are aware it is passed through the box "old camper" to buy the right gear and that the time it takes a little time to tame it. This weekend has been devoted to gather all the pieces of the puzzle and start to fill our saddlebags - and in the end it's not that bad!

Le résultat est concluant, tout rentre. Oui, c’est quand même mieux si tout rentre à cette étape du projet 😀

As Estelle and I are a little impatient, it could not resist the urge to set up the tent. Since time is limited, has mounted it (following a small drink with a friend, history of corser things) in the lounge. Yes good gonna, we know that it is very normal to set up his tent in the living room, but we (I) could not resist.

Once it was mounted, it took testing mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows, bags to meat... So... sleep indoors. But no, it is not crazy!

Balance sheet was too cool! The tent is large (too?), can be both sit and discuss without bending the back, and it, it's great.

The loading of bags

Every thing has its place, no question to mix cuisine with the clothes, the office with the essence of the stove or socks with the panties (caution, there is a trap). After have all spread over the bed - like custom before each departure - is filled, then we test the load of the bicycle. It sticks not immediately, but after tweaks the saddlebags hold well and look balanced. We are for a ride to Meudon to test a good small side which leads me to work in normal times. We sweat, but it is not as bad as expected – bikes are heavy but thats widely bearable.

Le téléphone Estelleproof en train de charger...

The phone Estelleproof charging...

Side technique

Geek I am, geek I will stay. I tested the seal of new phone to estelle who will use GPS, history to be able to use it in the rain without worry. The time where I open the kitchen faucet was a bit blase; even if it is certified by the vendor, seeing my small icons take the fact fleet a little doubt. Well, it still works so it is validated :). Finally it did not have the Quechua Phone Decathlon (who looks too well) because it is too big for use every day: we preferred a little more simple object to stall in our bags... and we wanted to be able to keep it after the trip.

The USB charger via the hub dynamo Estelle works beautifully! From 17-18 kms/h laptop is a small "tulut", signs that he is content and charging begins. On the 15 km that was made for the test, Estelle was able to recover about 10% battery charge, knowing that on the course there is a large side during which no charge was possible, and that was to turn the gps at the same time. It is still too early to extrapolate on the use over several days, but it satisfies me for now.

Balance sheet

We still have to adjust some small worries mounting of GoPro, and I noticed some vibration beyond 30 km/h on my bike... I spend small matos bike details to settle, and last round trips in the old camper/decathlon.

In short, I don't know you but me, I'm happy.