Ça y est, vous avez votre visa chinois en poche, vous êtes prêts à passer la frontière. Complètement prêts, vous êtes sûrs ? Petit retour d’expérience de trucs tout bêtes que nous avons appris lors de notre séjour et qu’il est utile de savoir selon nous, avant d’arriver en Chine (à pied, bien sûr !)

Students, this page is for you! Why a partnership? For sharing experience with younger people, transmission. We would like this partnership to be an opening to the world: perhaps you will discover the existence of new countries? Or do people live differently in other countries?… We hope that this partnership can be an apprenticeship in difference, and therefore in tolerance. We also want to take you on a journey, because I believe that many of you have never...

The last week before departure was very busy: after returning the keys to our apartment in Boulogne on Monday September 8, we drove to Le Havre to meet the class who would follow us. We spent the afternoon with them, explaining the project and showing the equipment. They were great and asked lots of questions. We have created a page for them on the site, you will be able to see it very soon. After a good last evening to enjoy with the mother…

Time passes too quickly ! We've barely finished our wedding thanks when the boxes start to pile up in the apartment, and the trips to the old camper multiply. We barely find time to write to you a little.

That’s it, we are going to leave soon, the time for “goodbyes” is here… actually no, it started a while ago!

We start by thanking the old man for his helping hand; yes, we say “the old guy” in sports circles (sporty, me?). Thanks to a quick, well-done little partnership, we found ourselves with an “expedited account” which gives us the right to 14% on all the stores, in exchange we will provide them with a few photos to populate their catalog. It seems to me to be an exchange of good practices.

Well, the month of July, it’s confirmed, is less stressful than the month of August. Yes, you are on vacation, and well for us the pressure has just increased a little notch with the arrival of August. In exactly 43 days we will be on our starting line: it will be the day we leave our families, our friends, our colleagues, our home in Boulogne to leave just every two for a year.