Ça y est, vous avez votre visa chinois en poche, vous êtes prêts à passer la frontière. Complètement prêts, vous êtes sûrs ? Petit retour d’expérience de trucs tout bêtes que nous avons appris lors de notre séjour et qu’il est utile de savoir selon nous, avant d’arriver en Chine (à pied, bien sûr !)

Students, this page is for you! Why a partnership? For the sharing of experience with most young people, the transmission. We would like that this partnership be an opening to the world: you may discover the existence of new countries? Either is that people live differently in other countries?... We hope that this partnership can be a learning difference, and thus tolerance. We also want to make you travel, because I believe that many of you have never...

The last week before departure has been busy: after the keys to our apartment Boulogne Monday, September 8, we've spun drive towards Le Havre to meet the class that will follow us. We spent the afternoon with them, to explain the project and show equipment. They were awesome and asked lots of questions. We have created them a page in the site, you will see very soon. After a good last evening to enjoy with MOM...

Time passes too quickly! We barely finished our appreciation of marriage that cartons are beginning to gather in the apartment, and that back and forth au vieux campeur multiply. We barely found time to write you a little.

Here it is, we will soon leave, the time of the "in goodbye" is there... actually no, it started already a moment ago!

It begins by thanking the old for her hand; Yes, we say "old" in the middle of the sports (sports, me?). Through a small quick well done partnership, we are left with a "experience counts" that gives us right to 14% across stores, in Exchange you will provide them with some shots to feed their catalogue. It seems to me be an exchange of good processes.

Bon le mois de Juillet, c’est confirmé, est moins stressant que le mois d’Août. Oui, vous êtes en vacances, et ben pour nous la pression vient de prendre un petit cran avec l’arrivée du mois d’Août. Dans 43 jours exactement on sera sur notre ligne de départ : ce sera le jour où on quittera nos familles, nos amis, nos collègues, notre chez nous à Boulogne pour partir juste tous les deux un an.