Find the abandoned Cambodia ruins

As a modern-day Explorer, here I am in the middle of a forest of cheesemakers invading gradually the remnants of a lost civilization...

Pierre Loti said about Angkor Wat, in 1901:

"This temple is one of the places in the world where men have piled up more stones, accumulated the most sculptures, ornaments, foliage, flowers and faces. '' This is not as simple as the beautiful lines of Thebes or Boalbek. This is confusing as well as complication of enormity. Monsters keep all porches, all entries; Divine Apsaras, in repeated indefinitely, groups demonstrate across the drooping vines. And, at first glance, nothing to unravel; one perceives that disorder and profusion in this blocks carved, Hill at the height of which have sprung the large towers. But as soon as it is observed a little, perfect symmetry asserts itself in contrast to the top-down".

Je l’ai dit un peu moins bien, mais j’ai fait une vidéo dans laquelle on voit les temples, moi 🙂