… voiceless …

For a week, we have been in the Vercors, for a gradual return to sedentary life and to prepare, among other things, a film on our entire cycling adventure across Europe and Asia.

But for the past few days, our eyes have been fixed on Paris and the horrible events that took place there last Friday. Hard to work on our projects, hard to take your eyes off what's happening in Paris.

In a year on the roads of the world, we discovered so much kindness, so much generosity through the people we met and who welcomed us. During this year, in the blog, we “sold you dreams”… but no! No, it was the reality that we saw and experienced. The vision of the world we have had is a beautiful vision, full of beautiful people. Perhaps this is only a partial vision, linked to the mode of travel, but I do not think it is excessive naivety to think that we have a beautiful planet.
And all these outpourings of solidarity for Paris, which come from the four corners of the world, prove it, right?

It's crazy how a tiny part can try to destroy the rest... They dare to say that they are acting for a religion... Never (or almost) have we been as well received as by the Muslims, during our passage to Türkiye; The travelers we met unanimously describe Iran as a model of hospitality. Fortunately, Muslims at the highest levels condemn these horrors.

After having experienced so much solidarity throughout the world for a year, it warms my heart to see the supportive reactions in France and other countries. That's it, we just needed to remember this positive experience of the world and its inhabitants, and to share it with you.

Thank you all. Thank you to the caregivers who took care of the victims. We think very strongly of the victims and their loved ones. To those who remain and who must now rebuild themselves.

For everyone, but especially for them, let's continue to live, dance, sing, drink, laugh... and whatever you want. The course of life continues!

(These few words may be a little awkward, but we needed to talk about it…)