New departures

Sedentary life takes too long :). We haven't been very active lately on the blog and for good reason: in a few months we hosted several conferences, Thomas found a new job and we moved to the other end of France!

Lots of projects!

The title of the article may be misleading: no, we are not planning to go around the world by bike (at least in 10 years). But what are these new beginnings SO ? A quick overview of our daily lives which have been filled with new things in recent months.

First of all, work-wise, for Thomas. Yes Grenoble is a city full of opportunities, but no, those that appeared during his search were not conclusive. After two months of intensive research, disappointments and a lot of questioning, he finally found a job that suited him. At the beginning of May, he was contacted by a very small design office of 8 people, with a colorful boss. He goes there, things go well and at the end of the interview they suggest he start the following Monday (!).

In short, we are heading west, along the famous Eurovélo 6: Nantes!
We didn't know this city at all, but our trip around the world made us love change: great, a new adventure is beginning! We have been discovering the city for 4 weeks now and it seems particularly pleasant. Moreover, Nantes has been classified 5th in the list of the most “bike-friendly” cities in the world and was Green Capital of Europe in 2013: how could you not feel good there when returning from a long cycling trip like ours? We'll tell you in a while what it's like to live in one of the most “bike-friendly” cities in the world!

That's not all.

A completely different type of adventure is also beginning for both of them – or more precisely will really begin in September. An adventure that will be accompanied by a cart, for sure!

Yes, we are expecting the arrival of a baby in the fall!
In short, no cycling vacation this summer but we intend to get back to it next year – and we are already thinking about where to go!

And it's not over !

Thomas garde en tête l’idée d’un documentaire vidéo, qui sortira en janvier prochain pour le festival CCI à Paris – il faudra juste qu’il apprenne à jongler entre le montage vidéo et les couches 🙂 Si vous voulez rester au courant de l’avancée de la vidéo et faire partie des “early birds” pour la précommande, pensez à vous ajouter à la newsletter (qui n’en finit pas de grossir !). Prochaine campagne Ulule en vue 🙂

Retour en arrière sur ces derniers mois

Ces quelques mois dans le Vercors ont été bien remplis et notre aventure à vélo continue de vivre doucement avec nous. Nous avons animé quelques conférences : one in Correncon-en-Vercors, two in Villard de Lans.

Notre exposition photo, after having proudly stood in the center of Grenoble at the gallery Blame it, continued on his merry way to “coffee bike” in Grenoble then at the Villard de Lans library. While waiting for other exhibitions, the art prints are still on sale in our store.

Notre delivered receives many compliments and seems to achieve the desired objectives: to make people travel and above all to discover traveling by bike, or even to encourage people to go. And you, what did you think of it ?

You can find it in several bookstores of travel : Angers (we thank this bookseller who gave us good advice during the creation phase), Nantes, Rennes, Lille, Pernes les Fontaines (near Avignon), Liège (in Belgium) and the general bookstore Arthaud in Grenoble. Continue to talk about it to those around you if you like it, you are our most faithful allies!

Making this book will have been a significant investment but it has brought us a lot in return: not financially (um no…), but it is a wonderful way of interacting with people and producing this “first baby” will have been a superb experience for us.

Pour finir, quelques images prises le weekend de Pâques – les prémices d’un printemps qui a eu du mal à arriver dans le Vercors à 1100m d’altitude (Thomas a réalisé un igloo le 1er mai, c’est pour dire ! 🙂 )

wp-1459080763788.jpeg wp-1459089292515.jpeg wp-1459089292512.jpeg wp-1459080763789.jpeg