[2nd ex-aequo!] Travel by bicycle!

You know, I like Vimeo, this community of creators of videos passionate, hosted, and maintained by a box well cool about NYC. "This weekend I participated in their weekly contest: the"Weekend Challenge: Call To Action“.[update 23 January] I just got the results, I'm tied for second! There is not much to gain, it is more for fun that other thing, but if I'm just quoted in the first 5 ca would be MEGA teuf in my head! About 100 videos are presented each week from around the world (and there are of very good!). I let you read a (well funny) excerpt from the topic of this week in the language of shakespeare:

Yoda once said, "Do or do not. There is no try. Only do. " Our nerdy selves can't help but notice– that is one HECK of a call to action. And it got us thinking, what if we all channeled our wise, inner swamp alien and became as passionate about DOING as Yoda? The world would be a way better place.

So heres where our Weekend Challenge comes in: CREATE A CALL TO ACTION! It can be as straightforward as "Floss More" or as intricate as "Save the Manatees!" No act is too big or too small! Whatever you are passionate about doing, get the Vimeo community onboard! Make a short video (no more than 60 seconds) urging viewers to act, and make Yoda proud. May the force be with you!

And here is the description of the video that I proposed

I LOVE to travel by bike, thats why I want to share my passion with you. In this video I give you 8 reasons to choose your bike to discover the world!

Text inspired by "pédaler" from F. Linget

Created with love for the Weekend Challenge: http://ift.tt/10pqwUW

Music from the Vimeo Music Store:
"Coco De Elevador" par Chico Correa and Electronic Band (http://ift.tt/18BjJH0)

Pas besoin de voter pour moi, ça ne me fera pas gagner de points… Mais vous rien ne vous interdit de liker ma vidéo, ça fait toujours plaisir 🙂 Résultats samedi prochain !

Update, Friday, January 23:

The results fell this morning. I'm 2nd tie! I'm really happy.

I just won 3 GB of space on Vimeo by week, and the publication in the newsletter of the contest (19,700 subscribers), ca may seem like nothing, but it's too cool actually