Nous voilà revenu dans la vie sédentaire, la vie normale – je n’aime pas dire la “vie réelle” comme on l’entend parfois, parce que pour le coup, nous y avons été confronté à la réalité de notre planète, lors de notre voyage…

Mes photos publiées ! Mes photos de la fabuleuse Rainbow Caravan rencontrée en Mongolie ont apparemment plu, puisque elles ont servi de support à The third eye, un magazine papier et en ligne sur les cultures alternatives. J’ai eu un très bon contact avec eux, vraiment sympas ! Bref, ça fait toujours plaisir d’être publié 🙂 Une petite vidéo de présentation vaut mieux qu’un long discours Et voici les photos !

Find out how the Russians received us! What they say about them is as true as it is false, we discover a country full of ancestral practices, traditions, cold people at first sight, but such a warm welcome!

One of the biggest experiences of our trip, welcome to Mongolia! Watercolor made for love in a motorhome between Norway and Sweden by my mother: signed Nidal!

Discover the story of our 2 months spent pedaling in this oh so surprising country. Follow our bikes from the mountains of Yunnan to the Chinese megacities, discover with us the passes over 4000m and the Tibetan culture of Sichuan. I hope this film will succeed in conveying what we felt during our journey to the land of the rising sun – and by the way sorry to have taken so long to finish it. Thanks to the patches released for their shots: Don’t hesitate…

Breathtaking landscapes, adorable and very curious people, great encounters and great generosity: welcome to Vietnam! Traditional clothes have marked us, the women are beautiful and flirtatious: their headdresses are surprising and change radically from one region to another. The driving is anything but sporty, all about anticipation and consistency of speed, surprisingly, but you get used to it quickly!

Première partie de nos aventures au Laos ! Suivez nous dans les 4000 îles, sur le plateau des Boloven et ses magnifiques cascades, dans les magnifiques montagnes du nord (le prochain film y sera consacré totalement), faites la fête avec nous à Luang Prabang, et découvrez les petits villages encaissés de la région de Mong Noi.

Which country ! We come out changed and marked by 1 month spent in Cambodia. We met the people of this country by exchanging a few words of English, visited temples from the time of Angkor, celebrated the first of the year in Phnom Penh, saw the Cambodian jungle, the graaaandes all flat plains, was deafened by the horns of trucks on the roads of the country.

Vous le savez, j’aime bien Vimeo, cette communauté de créateurs de vidéos passionnés, animée et entretenue par une boite bien cool sur NYC. Ce week-end j’ai participé à leur concours hebdo : le “Weekend Challenge : Call To Action“.[ update 23 janvier] Je viens de recevoir les résultats, je suis deuxième ex-aequo!

Notre première expérience en Asie : on dort dans des temples, chez des gens rencontrés sur la route, dans des jardins de guesthouses, on se régale à manger dans la rue 3 fois par jour (on n’a pas sorti le réchaud une seule fois !), on n’est même pas malades, et on apprend quelques mots Thai. Playlist : Urban Cone – Deja Vú (Oliver Nelson Remix) Bonobo – Flashlight Asaf Avidan, Mojos – One Day Reckoning Song Superlux – Wildness & Trees

What a welcome ! Turkey surprised us with its people, its climate (it's actually cold!) And its landscapes. Ok, we hardly saw anything of the country, only the part on the European continent - but this sample made us want to come back! Another destination to put in our countries where to come back to visit!

A short compilation of our cycling adventures in Greece. The best taverns/meats we have eaten have been in Greece! On the other hand, a word of advice to those who want to travel there during the month of November: it is cold and it is raining. Follow us at Equipment used: Canon EOS 60D Canon EF 24mm f2.8 Canon 18-55 + Sigma 55-200 GoPro Hero 2

In Montenegro we were told: watch out for the Albanians! In the end, this country surprised and disoriented us so much that we highly recommend it to anyone who wants to discover a country that is slowly emerging from communism. Go for a weekend in Tirana (the capital) you'll see, it's really good! Equipment used: Canon EOS 60D Canon EF 24mm f2.8 Canon 18-55 + Sigma 55-200 GoPro Hero 2 Music: Scarecrow – The Well: Superpoze – Jaguar: http://ift. tt/KBaa6X

Nos péripéties en Italie et Croatie ! Suivez-nous sur Matériel utilisé : Canon EOS 60D Canon EF 24mm f2.8 Canon 18-55 + Sigma 55-200 GoPro Hero 2 Musique : Scarecrow – The Well : The xx – Crystalised : James Blake – Life Round Here :

New video ! Here is a small montage of our first 1000 km through France and Italy. Feel free to share the video!