Happy birthday!!

Voila, done one year that we left Millau September 14, 2014 ! We traveled by road, having regard to beautiful places, met great people. We really have a beautiful planet.

Short! Still us have a month to pedal. The time of the assessment will come later!

Do the accounts of counters

This month, we have come 1 422 kms ; by blowing our first candle, the meter indicated 14 660 kms !

We have come the Germany. Both paths everywhere, it's awesome! And Wild camping was really easy. In short, the Germany is a very good choice for those wishing to start in cycling!

Spot dodos!

On the side of bike:

After a year, the material starts damn to tired!

Thomas : Change of the plateau derailleur that is is tweaked; change the channel which was 5400 kms (changed the last time to Kunming, China)

Estelle : - IEA, the 2nd arm of the rear rack is broken; as the first, repair with of the Paracord!
-A bag also suffered: consumed by a rat or squirrel short-term overnight in the forest! One bebete which had sacred teeth to successfully tackle the Ortlieb bags fabric!
-Speed cable changed in China has again broken at the level of the mechanism.
- And the feet holds that sound more little changed also!

It is also the computer that dropped us. Blow to the site!

What we lost:

-A box plastic we used to put our leftovers, forgotten in a fridge.
-A washcloth pinned the road while it dried to the rear of the bike.

The next monthly balance sheet... will be the last!