To the last frontier

Friday, September 18, chance made well things: we are in Constance, back in Germany, therefore, and on that day there is the opening of... the Oktoberfest!

We thought it was an only Munich celebration, but no! It is now widespread in the Germany! Falling battery for the parade of bands - with even a French delegation!
After this festive moment, we take the road, a balloon Paulaner hooked to cycling and belly filled mini pretzels. The north shore of Lake Constance shows at its best, with the sun pointing his nose 1 h before bedtime (Sheree!).

Another two or three days to roll in the Länder of Baden-Württemberg. It alternates between paths and small country roads; roads that elsewhere have sometimes impressive altitude (but short parts): 10-13% or even once 18% indicated (downhill, worry!).

About bike paths, the Germans take them seriously: it is taken several times reflections by pedestrians as we are on the road (even if there is no car), while there is a cycle track on the side... German rigor has sometimes good, but leaves not too square to the freedom to choose what appears to us be the best for us: road in good condition and without car, against bicycle making full of detours and at the boats not always well made...

In Germany as in France, Sunday is sacred: there are environments known with all the stores closed (including supermarkets), people who are walking in family or leave their car... It falls even on a meeting of aviation! We pass a moment to watch gliders take off, which reminds me some memories with my older brother.

The crossing of the Black Forest delights us; along a river, one feels in the mountains. And then thanks to the shelters indicated by our application, it always unearthed memorable places to sleep: a small house at the bottom end of the forest built more than 50 years ago, where one feels lost away from it all, into the wild ; or even a hut with source, place for the fire, and supermarket 3 minutes by bike, which allows us the winning trio fire-Grill-shower in the wilderness. Until the last night of our journey... Still a super refuge overlooking the entire Valley.
Last evening abroad, this is an important step, known... Then when in the morning we say "that's it, today we get in France," well... it is hard to prepare and leave the camp. Throughout the day, the heart is a little tight. It rethinks in these months of travel abroad with already longing and envy that it continues. To adapt constantly, learn new languages, speak English: it will be missed! Fortunately, the Sun is there to warm the body and the heart, it helps to pedal. All day along channels, through fields of corn: it moves quickly. We count the number of kilometres that separate us from the border and we see this number reduced dangerously. One films a little history of burn this time and our feelings of the moment. Soon, one enters the border town of Kehl: more than 2km... more than 1... and we are at the bottom of the pedestrian bridge that crosses the Rhine: the other side, it is the France!

"It does what, it crosses or not?"

You go, gently cross this bridge; no Panel France to welcome us, but a river that allows to realize that this is the last frontier... Back on the Mainland, one hesitates... then we finally set foot on our "homeland".

Monday, September 21, 2015, we find the France, twelve months after having left it.
Welcome to us!