That's it, it's the last week ... Monday, October 5, we leave the Paris region. But who is this new roommate for the last week? It’s Régis, Thomas’s childhood friend! It's great to be with a boyfriend, it's a bit of a party and it keeps us from thinking too much about the end that is approaching.

Our return to France gives us a first return shock. After a year in a bubble where we only catch snippets of what is being said, finding your mother tongue everywhere around you is a bit harsh ...

Friday, September 18, luck does things well: we are in Constance, back in Germany, and that day is the opening of ... Oktoberfest!

That's it we left France! But first, we have plenty of other things to tell you because we've been doing well lately.

Second week of cycling on the roads of France towards Istanbul. We crossed the border yesterday, we are now in Italy and we will not see France again for 11 months and potatoes! I chose 10 seconds of video per day captured from my bike to represent our nomadic daily life ... Please feel free to comment!

Notre première récap’ de la semaine ! Je vais faire des vidéos toutes les semaines en prenant un échantillon vidéo de 10 secondes par jour pour essayer de vous faire ressentir ce qu’on vit au jour le jour… Soyez indulgent, c’est du fait main sur la route 🙂