A day at the airport - live my life by cyclo

Friday, December 5, this is the day J! Europe, ca is finished today, direction airport.

After many discussion, it was decided to go there by bicycle and to prepare on-site.

10 h 30, departure. Leaves there Emilie (the sister of Thomas) and his family, who still remain 24 h. It reminds us of memories and there are now two and half months...

Bikes were clean as new, and it rains during 1 h 30 journey, hum, ca starts badly... Good otherwise, apart from the rain, the road is correct and not too stressful. Arrived at the airport, we and the bikes are all wet and coated with a mixture of sand and Earth... At the entrance of the building, should pass a baggage control: agents watching our all hip-hop material with a somewhat puzzled look.

First and foremost, towards the toilet where we pass a shot of water on the bike and panniers. Then after having nibbled a piece (our last preserves of Aveyron paste...), it is harnessed to the shipping of everything. At the beginning, it is not known by what end too start: this is the first time that it takes our two faithful steeds so far! After some trial and error, shots of screwdriver, a bit of cardboard (recycling boxes for an evening of pizza with our french cycling friends), paper-bubble and especially lots of cellophane and scotch, here they are fine loans! Is the same fate to the bags, but this is less complicated.


This is all our packaged mess!

Just stressed that baggage is too heavy or that the packaging of the bikes forbid them not, we leave to the Turkish Airlines office, which charters our first electronic ticket vol.: we are not... Ah, but no, of course, you travel by Egypt Air (the first flight to Cairo is just contracted to Turkish), it is they who must do the registration. OK, we take all our mess and we go 100 m further. We Redid the tail.

Again, problem:

-"No, no, Sir, it is at Turkish Airlines you must check-in (...) Yes, Yes, they may well take the bikes and make follow after, no problem".

Go, rebelotte, returns to the other office. It's been 45 minutes we go round in circles and nothing ahead! Skips directly to the Business Class priority counter, let's not do the tail 40 times either! The guy positioned us in his computer, finally; cool!

-"On the other hand, your luggage, it is not enough, go pack them to the machine for no one sees that there are different bags inside (...)" Yes, Madam, it pays"(...) "hold, this is your registration tickets, that there is to go pay the ticket for bicycles."


-"Forgiveness? It didn't have to understand"(Yes it is in English with a Turkish accent so good...; in fact, if, if it had understood!)

The site of Egypt Air tickets had been taken because bikes are like luggage at home. Thomas hand negotiating with Egypt Air while I keep Affairs (ras up all rebouger every time!). He can do anything, and have no place on their Flight departing for Cairo. There is more to go pay, we'll see after. It packs bags in large black plastic bags and it retries. There are nerves, is believed not far when it returns an umpteenth time at the counter. But if! After 1 h 30 round-trip, our luggage and our bikes are carried out! What a relief!

It is quietly heading for the gate, gate 220, noted on the ticket yet not in screens. Sit by saying that it is quiet until tomorrow morning (I'm starting to tell me that may not have all cases given how they are organized, but that it is not too serious). Finally one blows!

The scheduled time of boarding passes, person at the counter. Okay, it's not all alone. Eventually arrive two hostesses... an Italian company! IEA... We go out find a screen:

"Cairo - porte 211 - last call!"

We are running the sprint the most horrible I've never done, slaloming between people to the other end of the airport. It arrives in time! Phew!

Bon, au final, les deux vols se sont bien passés. On a bien mangé (deux fois le dîner et un petit déjeuner ! 🙂 ), regardé des bons films et même un peu dormi. Et au petit matin – enfin ici, il est déjà midi ! – nous avons atterri en Asie ! Et tous les bagages et les vélos sont même arrivés jusqu’au bout avec nous, et pas de casse : on s’en sort pas si mal finalement !

You come out of the airport: 30 °! It's too good to find the summer in December. The challenge now is to find a taxi that can carry our bikes. After negotiations, a driver with a car with a gallery on the roof may willing to take us for 600 bath (okay, this is slightly more than what we were told, but it's going). Thomas and the driver the address securely and we're off to the discovery of Asia.


Attention to that everything be well hung...

After 45 minutes of road, we arrive at our apartment: it belongs to a principal encountered via the warmshower website. She lives there, but uses it to accommodate dozens of cyclists every year. This is a gorgeous piece of traditional-style Thai, while wood, which dates from a century ago. We are successfully installed! We are going to spend there a few days to get used to all these news: climate, culture, language, food...

C’est la première fois pour nous en Asie (je veux dire, l’Asie “pour de vrai”, à Istanbul ça ne comptait pas vraiment ! 😉 ), mais je crois bien que ça va nous plaire !

Promised, they tell you it quickly!