First country of our Asian journey and above all… back in summer !!

This month was marked by the discovery of Asian routes. Thailand, first of all, the paradise of cycle tourism. Then Cambodia, and its incredibly flat roads, but its traffic just as incredible.

We had booked for a first dive for Thomas in Koh Chang for December 24! But when we went there the day before to confirm, the guy told us there was no more room on the boats! He must have overbooked ... So we fell back on snorkelling, and that way we could both do it! It was so good ! We say that it still counts because the intention was really there! What about ...

A good Thai barbeuc and grilled mushrooms, or else boiled in the soup!

Gods, we met quite a few during our journey! We keep you posted when we meet Vishnu and his two friends.

Say hello to: A panda I present to you Pandi Panda, the friendly panda, seen in Chengdu, China! Read our article on Kangsing, Leschan, Chengdu and Xi’an A Tiger Lots of striped cats in Asia, does it matter? No ? Well, we also hesitated to photoshop one of our photos, but we will be sincere… no tiger this year! Monkeys Oh yeah, and we saw them up close. In Koh Chang, the edges of villages are their paradise. A…

Quelque part en Thaïlande, après une bonne journée de vélo. Parfois la vie est trop facile : il fait trop beau, chaud, l’eau est à température bébé, on ne fais plus la cuisine tellement les restos sont bons et pas chers… Ben c’était à la fin d’une de ces journées où tout va bien 🙂

Here we go again ! On December 14, we left Bangkok: after almost three weeks of break, we are happy to be back on the road. We head south on big roads for the first two days, it's not always very funny ... but the beach is waiting for us in a short time.

In Bangkok, we stayed with the director of a private school in the city. We spent two mornings learning about the school and sharing great times with the students. Thank you Supaporn for your wonderful welcome!

On December 14, we celebrated our first quarter spent traveling around the world, a quarter of our trip! (already!) Well, it must also be said that we have just left after a 3-week vacation in Istanbul and Bangkok. The figures will be very different from the last few months.

It lives, it moves, it's amazing and exotic! A good start with Asia! From December 6 to 14, we were greeted in the beautiful old Thai-style room, owned by Supaporn, the principal of Supawan School, in the west of the city. We were so good that we did a little bit of back-up. It was a perfect place to get used to the country.

Friday December 5th is D-Day! Europe ends today, heading to the airport.