Germany: version autumn!

After the first part our passing through Germany, here is the sequel!

The arrival of autumn

on September 1, the weather suddenly changes... it's cold and raining!
Evening, in seeking to ask the bivouac at the edge of small lakes, one falls on a tribe of coypu not fearful at all; and even rather curious! Okay, the night promises to be rough with them, go further! It is the tent at the edge of a river where our first fire of the season warms us.
The road continues the next day towards the South, with a covered, cold and sometimes rainy weather.

Walk in the countryside

If the weather is not at the rendezvous, the place is very pleasant: one passes from villages in villages, and on the top of the surrounding hills there is a regular small castles. The landscape becomes more hilly; It is very pleasant after the dish that we had since... Saint Petersburg!

Now that the time is rather fall, looking for shelter. The application helps us enormously in indicating a few "sanctuaries" for the night. This allows at least to have a table and sometimes even a roof.
A bivouac will be even the opportunity of a fishing party! Another, equipped with a barbecue will be the opportunity to test the recipe given by wood-fired bread Kris and Amélie, other riders. It will push the trick up to make another time bread in a mini oven of our creation in the middle of the next evening campfire!
In short, we enjoy! Of elsewhere campfires at night, it saves us our evenings: with the Sun which now lies less than 20 hours, it is cold and without it, we would be well coated at 20.30! And then it also allows to warm up after bathing in the cold River!

Lunch is often less awesome, with always pleasing no bus shelters. In short, on renfile polar, rain pants and jacket goretex to roll and found feelings forgotten of our blows of pedal in Greece and Turkey...

But despite everything, it is always a huge pleasure to be surrounded by nature on bike, through fields, forests, villages and move even in the midst of farms. It is an opportunity to see some deer on the edge of a wood or a corn field.
The nostrils are also stimulated: the smell of forest to that of spreading or silage. And on the side of the 5 senses, even the taste is involved: apples along the paths, but especially the potatoes to a field that has been collected, but where the non-standard have been left aside: to us a good meal of free potatoes!

Between tourism and meetings

We like to spend in bikes through cities, observe and feel the atmosphere there. And some are really nice.
There are Hofwhich was a border town at the time of the East Germany which grew with the influx of migrants. We are greeted by Raimund and Eva, adorable warmshower. Discussed much, in a cheerful mixture of English-french-German. Raimund we actually visit the city on bike and tells a little history of the corner.
Beautiful, but full of cobblestones... that will be the suffering of our computer… Il ne s’en remettra pas ! 🙁
There are Bayreuththe town of Wagner. An old centre full of beautiful and old buildings, a small castle and its garden.
And then so many other, lesser-known but still hyper well renovated historical centers: Creußen, Königstein and its natural sources, Amberg, Landshut... More big and known, Regensburg (Regensburg) which makes us think in Rouen with its churches, its medium-ageux buildings, its Cathedral (the superb stained-glass windows), paved streets...

Just before Munich we stop in the roommate an another warmshower, Jonas. There the project to leave for a trip to bike to indeterminate so as many tell you that there is no subject of discussion shortage!


After this journey, we are in the capital of Bavaria. Yet a reunion with friends! Too nice! And instead of the 6 planned, we are 7, with a surprise guest!

We do tourism, with visits to the city; and a visit to the Dachau concentration camp: not very happy, but very interesting and important in our history.

But hey, who says said necessarily reunion feast and good mood! Especially as it falls on the weekend of my birthday and that of Oriane, girlfriend for almost 20 years!

En route to the Alps

After these 3 great days, it is a little hard to resume the road bike.
We are happy to pedal still, but in our head, Munich was a bit the beginning of the return. It sailed south along the River: one is the footsteps of our holiday of 2 years ago... where Thomas was asked in marriage! We recognize some places, it's funny.
But Monday's resumption is cold and rainy, it does not help to be in a good mood after a so good weekend! End of the day, the sun comes out of the clouds, and at the same time the Alps appear! A nice reward after a rotten day!

On Tuesday, September 15, one is on the edge of the Alps, and you attack the steep! Already houses make us feel in the mountains, with their wooden structure and their geraniums at the windows.
Late in the morning, we are preparing to take a road when a gentleman to bike tells us that it is too hard and steep... it reflects, we hesitate... and here we go anyway! 4 km of climb later, we are on a scenic sunny plateau! For announced climb impossible... almost fingers in the nose! (Rho the show-offs!)
One feels right in the middle of the mountains. A long time along a river whose immense bed lets us imagine what it must be in the melting snow. In the afternoon, we attack again 7 or 8 km of climb... and we here in Austria!
The pass is still 500 m further, to our great surprise. En route to a beautiful descent and the discovery of this part of the Tirol!


  • On the road in Germany: the driver are accustomed to bikes; suddenly they are very careful and (almost) always take a large margin to overtake us.
  • Since the beginning, the cyclists said to us a "Hello" that they could not understand. I yet studied German a lot of years! It was neither Hallo, or Guten tag… No, this word is SERVUS ! I did not know! This is new?
  • are the Germans more environmentally friendly than the french? In any case, often we saw vegetables for sale at the roadside where everyone puts his play in a box to pay. There was no air to be abuse. Or otherwise... better to avoid moving to red on the pedestrian to not the wrath; and be the bicycle route while there is a bike trail not far... IEA IEA IEA, it do not, especially for the elderly!