4 Meng!

This month was marked by the discovery of Asian routes. The Thailand first, cycling paradise. Then Cambodia, and its incredibly flat roads, but its also amazing traffic.

Our numbers of the month!

On 14 January, after exactly 4 months of cycling, we spent our 5,000th km ! And where it? Right in front of Angkor Wat, the most famous temple of the Angkor temples. The class, right?

It makes us 1328 kms for this month. Not so bad!

The dodo spots

Was discovered and reiterated several times overnight in the temples Buddhists. There is what to wash a bit, it is a nice environment, and it is sometimes beautiful meetings!

It was welcomed in the House of Santipap and his wife, a Thai cyclo which pampered us. Also asked twice the tent in the garden of guesthouses in Thailand.

Phnom Penh, could spend two nights in a warmshower.

But also not bad we spent nights in a guesthouses : 500 bath, or €12.50 in Thailand, and only $ 5 in Cambodia: it is easy to fall for a little more comfort! And then let's use our "nights at the hotel" prize from our wedding list!

We spent 5 nights at Koh Chang, our Thai island paradise. And 9 nights in Phnom Penh, mandatory following prolonged stop a small accident. The hazards of the journey!

What was lost

Estelle : une culotte ! Oui, je sais, c’est la class… 🙂 Peut-être a-t-elle disparu au pressing à Phnom Penh.

Good, the bad new January 14, just before the 5000kms... Our (new) gopro has been stolen... First flight Since the beginning of our adventure. It made us a little blow, but it is also our fault: we had left it clinging to the bike before a policeman posted there a temple visit time. We learn from our mistakes...

Level bike

Our grips & bar tape on our handlebars (the kind of scotch on the foam of the handlebar that allows ca to be enjoyable for our small low) begin to have a dirty head after 4 months, rain, sand, heat and sweat. We tried to find the same in Phnom Phen, to no avail. For Estelle, could change the meaning; for Thomas, there buy a tape a bit plastic, it is case, but hey, it's not top.

If anyone knows where to find the real tape cotton in Asia, we sign!

What we liked

-Back in the summer, while you have cold in Europe and on the American continent! OK, it is nasty, but what is it in the Sun!

-Thailand! Its food, its people...

-Cambodian landscapes

-Meetings with other cyclists

-Learn some Khmer words: there were, it knows nearly 20 words!

-Learn how to negotiate: it progresses!

What we liked least

-The horns on the road: not easy to analyze why a truck honks. It may be (in order of frequency): "push yourself, I'm coming!" (implication: I'm bigger than you, so I'm priority); either 'attention, I'll pass' followed by an overflow with a much-needed safe distance; much more rarely one "hey, Hi, you're cool you with all your mess on your bike!»

-Prices openly and substantially higher for the barangs in cities (between 2 and 4 times more expensive)

For we see or meet again, on the road...

Super movie of our passage in Thailand : with a dog that has rabies and lack of bite Thomas now (in 1080 p and subtitled in English)

-10 seconds per day: season 2 episode 2 ; episode 3 ; Episode 4; Episode 5

- And it has progressed on the Things to do !