Russia, a country-continent, country of extremes and diversity, whose influence was prominent in the 20th century. This plug is dense enough and maybe a bit complex for the youngest, but the Russia is a complex country, not easy to synthesize!

Discover how the Russians have received US! What it says about them is as true as false, we discover a country full of ancestral practices, traditions, cold people at first, but so helpful!

On 24 June, we arrive in Moscow very early in the morning. We gently discover the city by bike; a city that wakes up just. The opportunity to see the famous red square at 7 o'clock in the morning, empty of its usual stream of tourists: top!

That's it, it's back in Europe. And above all happiness to find his loved ones!

Colleagues PSA You have received this year full of postcards, I have not let you down! The card wins the prize for "send in a really remote place" was sent from the end-depths of Siberia. Photo support! Kiss to all, Thomas

Even better than the sauna ... the Banya! traditional Russian sauna! More information sauna site, it is there!

And watch what Russian dolls!

Siberia, its extensive, its forests, its fauna and its rich flora, its wonderful Lake Baikal... and to finish his famous train... the Transsiberian!

After our journey in the steppes, pass 3 days our host cold and his wife; they greet us so that one feels almost like home. But we have to start again one day!