Russia, a country-continent, the country of extremes and diversity, whose influence was significant in the 20th century. This sheet is quite dense and perhaps a little complex for the youngest, but Russia is a complex country too, not easy to summarize!

Find out how the Russians received us! What they say about them is as true as it is false, we discover a country full of ancestral practices, traditions, cold people at first sight, but such a warm welcome!

On June 24, we arrive in Moscow very early in the morning. We slowly discover the city by bike; a city that is just waking up. The opportunity to see the famous Red Square at 7am, empty of its usual flow of tourists: great!

That's it, it's back to Europe. And above all the happiness of finding your loved ones!

Chers collègues de PSA, Vous avez reçu cette année tout plein de cartes postales, je ne vous ai pas laissé tomber ! La carte qui gagne la palme de “l’envoi dans un coin vraiment perdu” a été envoyée depuis le fin-fond de la Sibérie. Photo à l’appui ! Bisou à tous, Thomas

Even better than the sauna… the Banya! Traditional Russian sauna! More info on this sauna site, it's over there!

And observe what Russian dolls!

Siberia, its vast expanses, its forests, its rich flora and fauna, its superb Lake Baikal… and finally its famous train… the Trans-Siberian!

After our journey in the steppes, we spend 3 days with our host Froit and his wife; they welcome us so well that we almost feel at home. But we must leave one day!