It climbs here! But it's beautiful and the people are great. We only spent three days there, but we loved it!

Our figures of the month! In total, we have traveled 3161 km since the start! That is 1661 kms for this 2nd month. We rode 26 days, for 5 days of rest (it may seem like a lot, but we sometimes did short days of around 40 km) We traveled the roads of Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, and there we is in Greece!

We left our host Marko Thursday, October 23, and Croatia after a few hours. After a stamp on our passports, we discover the country little by little. They have no currency (use the euro without being part of the euro zone…) and only have 650,000 inhabitants (see our country profile).

What did we prefer? The Kocula islands, without hesitation! But the rest of the country is really nice too.