It climbs here! But it is beautiful and the people are awesome. It has spent only three days, but we loved!

Our numbers of the month! In total, it traveled 3161 kms from the beginning! Either 1661 kms for the 2nd month. It has cycled 26 days for 5 days of rest (it may seem like much, but has sometimes been small days of about 40 kms) On travelled roads of Croatia, Montenegro, the Albania, and here it is in Greece!

We left our host Marko Thursday, October 23, and Croatia within a few hours. After a stamp in our passports, we view the country little recently. They have no money (use the euro not part of the eurozone) and are only 650 000 inhabitants (see our country sheet).

In the program, the islands of Korcula (it was really superb) and Montenegro. People are really friendly and Nice in Montenegro!